The Coasis

6 PM


JUNE 14, 2024


JUNE 16, 2024













ome rage on the Coasis for

my 30th. It's 20 acres of pristine temperate rainforest where anything can happen. It's located near Olympia in Washington state.


ogether, we will dance the night

away. A lit DJ line up will play a silent disco with immersive visuals and we'll camp under the clear, starry night sky. Everyone is a friend (or a friend of a friend), so you’d be in good company.


he first day will be chill setup day

with a psychedelic movie night in the evening. The second day, we'll be doing fun activities during the day and raging at night. On the last day we will pack up.


he Coasis is about an 1.5 to 2

hour drive north of Portland. Please be sure to leave no later than 4 pm from Portland on Saturday, June 15th to be safe. The exact GPS coordinates and directions will be texted to attendees closer to the day of the event.


ickets will be $50 each.


ooking forward to seeing you all!

-The Coasis Team



elow video from last year at

Immerse 2023.


t was an unforgetable time.



The performances will start between 7 to 8 pm.
The silent disco starts at 10 pm.

Raygun B2B Daddy Phantom

Sir Jad3






Your details




hat is the Coasis?

The Coasis is the system that thrives with nature and has your back. It is on 20 acres of pristine temperate rainforest where anything can happen. We strive to provide experiences that evoke awe, insight and rejuvenation. We create a space where people can think differently without fear of judgment and invite them to challenge their assumptions that inform their world view.


hy must we leave the Coasis

better than we found it?

We must leave the Coasis better than we found it, because it is providing us with a pristine temperate rainforest to enjoy together. Because of this, we must show this land respect in return. This land is an entity that supports the lives of the flora and fauna, so we must do our part to be responsible stewards of the land. We must leave no trace.
This means you must take everything you brought home and dispose of your trash. If you see any trash that isn’t yours, we’d appreciate it if you picked it up. If you encounter any of our wildlife friends, like tree frogs or slugs, please handle them with care (if at all). Please give flora and fauna good vibes so they can benefit from your presence.


hy must we keep the Coasis's

location a secret?

You must keep the the Coasis's a secret to reduce the liability of experiences we provide here. By location we mean the address and the GPS coordinates of the Coasis. If the location were to ever get in the wrong person’s hands, they could spread it without our consent and people may either crash our events or throw parties when we aren’t there. If this were to happen, Pandora’s box would be open and the secret would be out.
We will text each guest individually, so every single guest will receive the location via text closer to the day of the event. If you RSVP’d and don’t receive the location by the day before the event, please let whoever invited you or an organizer know..


an I still come if I don’t have

access to a car with 4 wheel drive/all wheel drive?

Yes you can! If you do no have access to a car with 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive, we will send you the location of a parking lot near by where you can park your vehicle for up to 48 hours. Once you get there please call one of the organizer's and we will pick you up in a truck where you can load all of your stuff in the back. If you need to leave early or are arriving on Saturday please let one of the organizers know. On Sunday we will be driving people back to the parking lot through out the morning, so you can leave whenever you want.


an I come if I don’t have a tent,

sleeping bag and a sleeping pad?

Yes! We will work with guests to borrow or rent camping equipment.


hat is this monthly SMS

newsletter you’re talking about?

The monthly SMS newsletter will be a text message containing a link to the current month’s issue of the newsletter. The newsletter will be distributed on this website. We will only send one text per month to all of the readers.
We are doing this because there is increased interest in what we’re building on the Coasis. We’d like to continue to build this interest by keeping anyone interested informed and start turning the Coasis into a legitimate institution. We’d love to hear your ideas about what we can do on the Coasis, so distributing it over SMS seemed like the obvious choice. We haven’t decided on when the first issue will be published, but if you sign up to receive the newsletter you’ll be the first to know!


an I invite other people to the


Absolutely! You can invite other people. That said the people you invite can't invite other people. We only wanna have first and second degree connections to the organizers to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. If you invite someone please let one of the organizers know, so we know who they are when they sign up.


hat’s the latest time I can arrive?

You must arrive no later than 6 pm on June 15th, 2024. Because we share access to a dirt road with the neighbors, we don’t want guests to be driving by their homes and disturbing their evening. Please keep in mind it is about a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Portland to the Coasis, so be sure to leave Portland by 4 pm at the latest to be safe.


hat is the cooking situation at

the Coasis?

We have a big fire pit specially designed to cook for a lot of people and assorted accessories for it. We also have assorted cast iron cookware. We will have some plates and utensils. Finally, we will have paper plates, plastic utensils, and solo cups to ensure that everyone can eat and drink.


ill food, water and alcohol be


Unfortunately food, water and alcohol will not be provided. We would if we could but unfortunately we don’t have the means. Fortunately, the grocery store Bailey’s IGA is close by so we recommend making a pitstop on your way to the Coasis to get your food, water and alcohol.


hat should I bring?

Besides your camping stuff, food, water and alcohol, please be sure to bring layers, hiking boots, a headlamp and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. We will be doing a time capsule, so if you’d like to contribute something to it please bring it.


hat’s this about a time capsule?

Because of how well received last year’s time capsule was, we’ll be doing it again! The container itself will be a big ammunition container that is engineered to keep our contributions dry. The time capsule will be put in an easily accessible place near the firepit. If you’d like to contribute something please do! We will be burying it at around 10 am the next day, so if you want to be around for burying it please keep that in mind.


hat is the toilet situation at

the Coasis?

We have 4 portable toilets that allow guests to drop their deposits into a latrine. The toilets will have a spacious shelter for privacy. Both of these toilets will be stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.


www! I think using these toilets

is repulsive! What should I do?

Firstly, we invite you to challenge your assumptions that inform this view. If you’ve used a port-a-potty before, you’d already made a deposit in a much more disgusting receptacle. Port-a-potties have no way of composting your deposits, which makes them stink so badly. When the weather is hot, they are atrocious. The toilets at the Coasis collaborate with beneficial microorganisms to compost your deposits that go into the ground. Finally, previous guests who were averse to the idea of using these toilets have told us it’s not as bad as they thought.


hat is the shower situation at

the Coasis?

We unfortunately don't currently have a shower at the Coasis. This is something we hope to have sometime in the future.


s there a kitchen sink at

the Coasis?

Sort of! The water comes with a spigot, so the water jug can become a kitchen faucet. While this is not ideal we hope to have a better setup in the future.


hy aren't there times for each

artist's performance?

We decided that it would be more fun to just have an order that the artists will play in. That way, they can be free to go as long as they want without worrying about interfering with the next artist’s start time. Finally, this contributes to a Burning Man-esque vibe that emphasizes the uniqueness of each set. You can only experience if you’re there when an artist is playing.


hat is a silent disco?

A silent disco is where guests wear headphones and a DJ, or multiple DJs, transmits their music to said headphones. When there are multiple DJs, they each can transmit their music through a dedicated channel allowing them to play simultaneously. Guests can then switch between channels to listen to their choice of DJ.
While multiple DJs will be performing, we decided not to have multiple DJs playing simultaneously. That way all of the guests can be vibing with the same music at the same time. We decided to make the second portion of the performances a silent disco to continue the fun while minimizing noise for neighbors!


hat is my money paying for


You are paying for a silent disco with lots of DJs and visuals, a movie night, and two nights of camping. If you were to pay for the cheapest version of each of those things, the prices would be as follows.
- An event with lots of DJs and visuals $20
- A movie ticket $15
- Camping for 2 nights at $15 per night
All of this together is $65, so at $50 you are saving some money.
The money you are paying will go toward renting the silent disco headphones. It costs $660 dollars to rent 75 of them for two nights. We got extra in case some of them didn't work. We will also be paying about $150 to rent a 4k projector. Charging $50 per guest helps pay for the headphone and equipment rentals greatly, so we appreciate you helping us out with that.
Any profits from the event will go toward a collectively managed fund to steward the land.


re you all concerned about the


No. One neighbor did complain last year because we played music so late. We decided that starting the silent disco portion by 10 pm would be a good way to mitigate any complaints because his main issue was us playing music past midnight. We discussed this solution with him and he was happy that we reached out prior to the party and was happy with the precautions we are taking.


hat is the projection dome?

The projection dome is a 26.25 ft (8 m) diameter dome that will partially cover more than 500 sq. ft of dance floor. The projection dome will be over 15.5 ft (4.7 m) tall. The DJ setup will be in the center of the dance floor and the visuals will be projected on the dome from the inside to create an immersive experience for our guests. The projection dome solves two important issues we had last year. The projection dome will protect the DJ setup from any rain and provide a large surface to project on to.
The dome skeleton is made of PVC pipes and hubs. The projection dome cover is made of canvas and 33 ft in diameter. The dome cover will have 10 one inch grommets around the perimeter. It will be tied down with paracord and staked in the ground using GroundGrabba stakes that you drill into the ground with a power drill. The dome will only be partially covered to ensure we have ample ventilation from the sides of the dome. We hired a company to CNC cut the fabric for us to ensure that the cuts are done with the utmost precision. A 4k projector will project onto the canvas.
While we did get the projection fabric cut, we were unable to line the inside of the dome in a way that would still provide a high fidelity projection. However we will use velcro and a glue gun to line the projection fabric panels inside of the dome. We hope to have this complete by next year.



he end of the road at the Coasis.

The end of the road at the Coasis